What is a Blueway Trail?

A blueway or water trail is a water path or trail that is developed with launch points, camping locations and points of interest for canoeists and kayakers. Blueways are typically developed by state, county or local municipalities to encourage family recreation, ecological education and preservation of our wildlife resources. There is no actual foot path or trailhead, just the gently winding river. If you have some information about the Kentucky River that would enhance our website, we would love to know about it. Just drop us a line on the Contact Page.

How is the project taking shape?

Jessamine County has designated 42 miles of the Kentucky River,
which is the county’s southern boundary, as a Blueway Trail.

River Task ForceThe Jessamine County Fiscal Court, along with adjacent counties Mercer, Garrard, and Madison, adopted a resolution designating the Kentucky River from Valley View to Brooklyn, a Blueway Trail. The trail is designated to provide greater recognition of the many attributes of the Kentucky River basin along with promoting tourism and recreation in the area. Areas of the Kentucky River and its tributaries are known for excellent fishing, bird watching, hiking, wildflowers and history such as Camp Nelson, Valley View, and High Bridge to name a few.  The designation will also encourage individuals to recognize the significance of the area in terms of natural beauty, biology, geology and a variety of animal species. 

The Blueway Trail is a project of the National Park Service.  NPS encourages communities to work together in defining areas, inventory, mapping and providing educational and tourism materials. Jessamine County’s River Task Force has met all requirements for designation.  

The Blueway Trail is defined in the River Task Force’s River Guide which also includes historical sites and launch sites.  The guide is available at each of the four county judge-executive offices, along with tourism and chamber offices.  The Task Force took on the Blueway Trail project as part of their mission to educate the public on the value of the Kentucky River in terms of educational, recreational, ecological, and tourism value.
See the Joint Resolution that the four participating counties have signed for the Blueway designation.


Jessamine County Kentucky River Task Force Members:

Tom Beal, Nicholasville
Freida Lear, Wilmore
Louis Travis, Wilmore
William Grier, Lexington
Ron Houp, Sr., Wilmore
John Horne, Nicholasville
Ex-Officio Members:
George Dean, Nicholasville
Burch Hager, Nicholasville
Wayne Hayden, Nicholasville
Margaret Morgan, Wilmore
Mary Kozak, Lexington